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Award winning narrative illustrator and multi-purpose image maker. Often approaching social issues, encouraging empathy through design and educating people on solutions that they can be a part of.

I've recently finished my degree in illustration/graphic design at the London College of Communication and am available for hire and collaboration. Also available for friendly chats!

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The Planet

Here’s another practice run I’ve done for volunteering with the Ministry of Stories. This time the story was written by Simon Crowe.

Tom and Ian were brothers. They grew up on a farm with their parents. They got bored whenever their mother tried to teach them about running a farm. When their father needed help with repairs, Ian would convince Tom that they were on a broken space-ship and in great danger. They were very smart and got through school quickly. They both ended up training as astronauts.


Their boss knew that they were both brilliant but worked even better together. She gave them a mission to go through a hole in space and explore a new galaxy. Their ship launched and travelled on autopilot. The slept through the long journey. They woke up far away from Earth, on the other side of the universe to the hole they went into. Tom used the ship’s sensors to find the nearest planet. They struggled to climb out of the deep crater their ship had made. They were wearing helmets to help them breathe and metal suits. Around them was red desert and mountains.


They didn’t set up their life scanners in time. Ian nudged Tom when he saw a group of huge insects coming towards them. They were soon surrounded by ant-men who shouted words they couldn’t understand in rasping voices. In a circle of nasty-looking pincers, the brothers were lead away from their ship. They were forced into a hole at the bottom of a cliff-face and pushed through many winding tunnels. The only light was the orange glow from the ant-men’s eyeballs.

They ended up in a chamber closed by a thick door that moved and hissed like it was alive. After many hours Ian got angry and they argued. Tom ended up pushing Ian. Ian stumbled backwards and tore through the door. The door shrieked loudly. ‘Now look what you’ve done’ shouted Tom, as they heard a scurrying sound coming towards them. One of the ant-men came at Tom. He raised his arms to protect himself. His arms went through the creature like it was made of jelly. He got up and wiped himself off – there was not time to act shocked. He told Ian to follow him. Even though they knew which direction outside was, it still took them hours to get there. The tunnels twisted and turned and the floor sometimes collapsed under their feet. They had gotten through 64 ant-men by the time they got out, and were exhausted.


They locked their ship tight, ate and slept. Tom woke up to a scratching sound. There were hundreds of ant-men piled up on top of the ship. He and Ian decided to start the ship up and launch it out of the crater. The ship was covered in gunk after it smashed through the giant insects. They flew around the planet for a while and saw a strange city underneath them. They tried to land softly outside the gate, but still made a dent. When they got out, they were met by smaller, insect-like men with brightly painted shells and large head-dresses. These creatures were more friendly and welcomed them in. It turned out to be a trap, but when the Ian and Tom survived everything they tried – these new creatures worshipped them as gods. They stayed for decades to study the insect men and other animals and plants. Tom remained behind while Ian returned to earth, an old man now, and a hero. 

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